Classical Ukulele Fingerpicking

Classical Fingerstyle Arrangements

My newest book is Classical Ukulele Fingerpicking Anthology: 48 Contrapuntal Arrangements for GCEA Ukulele.

Classical Ukulele Fingerpicking Anthology contains Baroque, Classical and Romantic pieces arranged for high-GCEA ukulele. All works are appropriate for the intermediate player and written in both standard notation as well as tablature. With the exceptions of condensed octave placements and key transpositions, each selection is authentically transcribed from its original work. This collection includes the composers J. S. Bach, Henry Purcell, Jean Philipe Rameau, W. A. Mozart, Robert Schumann, Amy Beach, and others. Here is Alexander Reinagle’s Minuetto. Here is a Minuet from The Notebook for Nannerl (Mozart)Here is another Minuet from Wolfgang Mozart’s notebook.

View Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Minuet:  Sheet music

View the new book’s index of titles: Index

The following files are (computer generated) MP3s of some of the pieces in the new book:

Gavotte by Amy Beach

Melody by Robert Schumann

Air by Johann Sebastian Bach

Dance, Puppet, Dance by Carl Reinecke

Petit prélude à la journée by Erik Satie

Trumpet Tune by Jeremiah Clarke