Volume 2 of Classical Ukulele Fingerpicking is now available on Amazon.

Volume 1 is available here.

A few years ago, I picked up my daughter’s soprano ukulele and fell in love with its upside-down tuning. The simplicity of four fingers on four strings delighted me. I pulled out all my piano students’ repertoire books, logged onto, and became mesmerized with the challenge of finding beautiful historical pieces constrained to two octaves. In some cases, this meant that I had to transpose the music from original keys. At other times, I condensed octave spacings. However, my goal was to keep the transcriptions as authentic as possible to the original works.

Classical Ukulele Fingerpicking is comprised of 15 of my favorite transcriptions from composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Handel, and Purcell. It portrays a span of levels from beginner-intermediate to advanced-intermediate. The book includes suggested tablature as well as standard notation. Here is an audio link to a Minuet from The Notebook for Nannerl (Mozart). Here is another Minuet from Wolfgang Mozart’s notebook.

Classical Ukulele Fingerpicking Volume 2 highlights 17 Baroque, Classical and Romantic pieces arranged for high-GCEA ukulele. All works are appropriate for the intermediate player and written in both standard notation as well as tablature. With the exception of condensed octave placements and key transpositions, each selection is authentically transcribed from its original work. This collection includes the composers J. S. Bach, Henry Purcell, Jean Philipe Rameau, W. A. Mozart, Robert Schumann, and others. Here is an audio link to Alexander Reinagle’s Minuetto.