Classical Ukulele Fingerpicking Duets

My ukulele duet anthology is available for purchase here.

Classical Ukulele Fingerpicking Duets contains over 60 duets from Baroque, Classical, Romantic and early 20th Century composers such as Purcell, J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, and Bartok. It includes repertoire for beginning through advanced players. The music is written in both standard notation as well as tabs. All pieces have been arranged with the goal that they are as close as possible to the original works. 

Here is the book’s Table of Contents.

Here is a sample piece, Soldier’s Song by Louis Köhler.

Below are sound files of each piece. Generally, the works are ordered by level of difficulty, from early beginner to advanced. (I am still in the process of including every piece.)

Etude 1 by Carl Czerny

Eya Popoya! by Daniel Gottlob Türk

Allegretto by Alexander Reinagle

Kinder-Romanze by Daniel Gottlob Türk

Gavotte by George Frideric Handel

Rigadoon by Henry Purcell

Etude 2 by Carl Czerny

Carefree Hans by Daniel Gottlob Türk

Etude 3 by Carl Czerny

Etude 4 by Carl Czerny

Long and Short by Béla Bartók (tempo increased)

Minuet by James Hook

German Dance by Ludwig Van Beethoven

Russian Air by Ludwig Van Beethoven

Menuet and Rondeau by Jean Philipe Rameau

Badinage by Cornelius Gurlitt

Sonatina by William Duncombe

German Dance by Joseph Haydn

Arioso by Daniel Gottlob Türk

Air by Johann Sebastian Bach

Écossaise by Franz Schubert

Passepied by George Frideric Handel

Air by Henry Purcell

Menuet 1 by Christoph Graupner

Minuet by Johann Krieger

Soldier’s Song by Louis Köhler

Melody by Robert Schumann

March of the Grand Staircase by Erik Satie

Berceuse by Erik Satie

Sonatina by Johann Anton André

Roma Dance by Franz Joseph Haydn

Allegro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

Minuet by Georg Philip Telemann 

Children at Play by Béla Bartók

Former Friends by Béla Bartók

Sunrise by Béla Bartók

Menuet 2 by Christoph Graupner

Menuet 3 by Christoph Graupner

The Wooden Soldier’s March by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Minuet by Johann Sebastian Bach

Play by Béla Bartók

Bourrée 1 by George Frideric Handel

Trumpet Tune by Henry Purcell

Trumpet Tune by Jeremiah Clark

Menuet and Trio by Joseph Haydn

Andante by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Minuet by Christian Petzold

Passepied by Christoph Graupner

Trio (in D minor) by Joseph Haydn

March by Cornelius Gurlitt

Carefree by Daniel Gottlob Türk

Passepied by Johann-Christoph Schultz

La Chasse by Friedrich Burgmüller

Tender Grieving by Friedrich Burgmüller (this tempo much slower than score)

Bourrée 2 by George Frideric Handel

The Murmuring Brook by Cornelius Gurlitt

Trio by Joseph Haydn

Minuet by Béla Bartók

Minuet by Amy Beach
Polonaise from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach
In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg