I am a teaching artist/composer in elementary classrooms. Here is Galileo, composed with Cambridge Public Schools 3rd graders in 2016.

Here’s the karaoke orchestration of a song pre-kindergarteners wrote with me in 2018. They were teaching me about their study of birds. Select lyrics: “Some birds fly, some birds swim, some birds sing, but parrots talk!” 

I also compose for the North Cambridge Family Opera Festival Chorus each year. Here are some science-themed songs from past performances:

A piece about mirror neurons

A children’s song about my favorite pond and its endangered ecosystem

A lullaby about the wonder of condensation as seen through a child’s eyes

A canon about the northern lights

A canon about thunder and lightning


I also compose instrumental pieces:

An atonal string quartet inspired by Latin American rhythms:


A tonal string quartet


A high school concert band piece


And I am a songwriter:

A performance featuring Andrea Gillis on pipes, Emily Grogan on sax, and me on piano