Compositions and Arrangements (mostly non-uke)

On Sheet Music Plus, you will find some of my arrangements for ukulele, children’s choir and piano.

I compose for the North Cambridge Family Opera Festival Chorus each year. Here are my science-themed songs from past performances. 

The following are are some of my compositions realized in midi:

Barter (2021), for SA and piano, but realized in midi, with (unheard) lyrics by Sara Teasdale.



Libera Nos (2020), for SSATB, with (unheard) lyrics based on the Catholic embolism prayer: “”Free us, we pray, from every evil. Grant us peace in our time… By your merciful help, may we always be free from sin and safe from all distress.” I started to write this piece in the fall of 2019, pre-Covid…






Lauda (2020), written for SSA choir but realized in midi woodwind trio:


An atonal string quartet inspired by Latin American rhythms:


An atonal chamber orchestra piece entitled The Little Bird that Fell


A tonal string quartet


A high school concert band piece