Summer Strum-Along

Come to an evening of strumming and singing at Magazine Beach Park (on the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA). Bring your own instruments and a chair to play 2-, 3-, and 4-chord songs on Friday, June 21, 6-8pm.

2-Chord Songs

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around (Am, E7)

Come Back Liza (F, C7)

Day-o (F, C7)

I’d Rather Go Blind (G, Am7)

Lord Help the Poor and Needy (Am, Dm)

Molly Malone (C, G7)

3-Chord Songs

12 Bar Blues (A7, D7, E7)

You Are My Sunshine (C, F, G7)

3 Little Birds (G, C, D7)

Study War No More (C, F, G7)

This Little Light of Mine (C, F, G7)

This Land Is Your Land (C, F, G7)

L’il Liza Jane (A, D, E7)

Dance Me to the End of Love (Em, Am, B7)

Rock Around the Clock (A, D7, E7)

Bad Moon Rising (C, F, G)

4-Chord Songs

Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (C, F, G7, Am)

Stand By Me (G, Em, C, D)

Blowin’ in the Wind (G, Em, C, D)

Brown Eyed Girl (G, Em, C, D)

5-Chord Song!

Summertime (Am, F, G, D7, E7)